Bali 4.1Bali 4.1Bali 4.1

Bali 4.1 Negroni Сицилия / Портороса (Sicily / Portorosa)

парусная яхта катамаран без шкипера (Bareboat) 2019
4Каюты 8 + 2Спальные места 1,12 mОсадка 12,35 mДлина
Bali 4.1 Negroni Catana 38545 38545страны/италия/сицилия-портороса-sicily-portorosa/sea-la-vie-reggio-calabria/bali-4-1-38545
" 3312,00 " 7510,00 " EURO 4

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Представьте себе ваши каникулы на этом великолепном парусная яхта. Управление Bali 4.1 осуществляется чартерной компанией в Сицилия / Портороса (Sicily / Portorosa). Он был построен в год 2019 судостроительной верфью Catana и обеспечивает все необходимое для комфортного путешествия. Есть 4 кабины на этом парусная яхта для вас и ваших гостей. В целом, имеются 8 кровати и 0 туалеты. Вы можете начать чартер яхты вашей мечты на этой яхте с Marina di Portorosa. Италия и его круизное направление Сицилия - Аэолические Острова - Калабрия ждут вашего открытия.

Мы вышлем вам лучшие цены на лодку Bali 4.1. Выберите желаемый период, нажав на календарь справа. Для получения дополнительной информации о яхте Bali 4.1, просто отправьте запрос на чартер, заполнив форму ниже. Наш эксперт свяжется с вами как можно скорее.

Additional Description from Provider

The BALI 4.1 "Negroni", built in 2019 by the Catana Shipyard, has its homeport in Sicily, Portorosa. The 41 feet sailing catamaran of Sea La Vie Charter is characterised by a single cockpit / lounge area, entirely flush and free from bulkheads, accessible through an immense glass door folding on electric uprights. So in the blink of an eye you can switch from "Cozy" mode to "Lounge" mode, with a panoramic view of the sea. At the stern there is a comfortable sofa, very large, able to accommodate up to 5 people. Underneath it there is a large locker, a solution that also makes this area liveable and comfortable, actually increasing the space.

The two slightly squared aft platforms are small beaches on the sea, going up again we find immediately the new sofa to delimit the cockpit, protected by the extension of the fly-bridge. With the overhead door open you create a unique environment, and incredibly large, with the dinette. 

Inside, what is striking is the continuity of the spaces, there is nothing that hinders the view from stern to bow. On the left we find the dinette with dining table for 10 people, on the opposite side a sofa offers a comfortable place to relax. At the bow, the kitchen transverse to the hull, with the refrigerator column, is in direct connection with the bow dinette thanks to a sliding window, really very large, which ensures brightness and air flow throughout the boat. On the opposite side of the kitchen the chart area with a large table.

To access the cabins, you go down the stairs that lead to the side hulls. The descents are comfortable and spacious. The cabins are for each hull aft, with a double bed and forward with a double bed, as well as berth skipper and kids. There is also plenty of light here, thanks to the large skylights with blackout curtains and mosquito nets.

Climbing up and down to the bow, we find wide and well-protected passers-by. Here you reach an immense relaxation area consisting of a large sunbathing area, which replaces the classic net, and a fully furnished lounge. Here the shipyard has made the most of all the available space, making this area very comfortable and usable. Even on the flying bridge, there is plenty of space: two chaise lounges to the left of the wheelhouse and another sunbathing area behind the helmsman. From the helm we have all the manoeuvres collected and within reach and the visibility is good.

The sail plan of Bali 4.1 is simple and effective: a self-tacking jib of 33 square meters, and a mainsail of 50 square meters make it elementary to run this catamaran.

  • парусная яхта
  • Catana
  • катамаран
  • 4
  • 8 + 2
  • 12,35 m
  • 6,72 m
  • 1,12 m
  • 11,8 t
  • скручиваемый генуа
  • натянутый парус
  • двойной штурвал
  • 2
  • Diesel
  • спасательные жилеты
  • УКВ радио
  • автопилот
  • радар
  • навигационные карты
  • контрольная панель в кокпите
  • навигационные карты на CD
  • глубинометр/эхолот
  • определитель скорости ветра
  • главный компас
  • GPS
  • плоттер карт
  • Bimini
  • верхний мостик
  • микрофон
  • набор инструментов
  • Gas Refrigerator
  • электрический насос
  • зарядное устройство + кабель
  • камбуз

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